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Product Description

Jukely matches you with concerts and friends to go with, based on your collective music tastes.

Plug in music services and Jukely will learn your likes and your friends’ likes. After that, our hand curated shows are tailored just for you and your friends. Like, whoa.

The best part? We make arrangements with your local venues and promoters to get you free tickets to lots of shows. If winning isn’t your jam, you can also easily purchase your tickets in the app when available. If they’re not, we’ll link you to the right places to look.


* Discover the best live music shows happening nearby and see your compatibility to them.
* Get matched with friends who’d be best to go with based on their music taste. Or when your friends fail you, you’ll see friends of your friends that like the same music you do.
* Easily ping a group to start a conversation around a show.
* Earn points as an active member and win free concert tickets.
* Full track streaming when you connect Spotify or Rdio. Listen to music from bands playing near you and discover new music you can actually go and see.
* Sync your music tastes (and your friends) from Facebook, Spotify, Rdio, Last.fm, SoundCloud, The Hype Machine, and your iPhone library.
* 2-tap purchase for shows where available.
* Be notified when there’s an awesome concert match for you. Notifications are only sent when there’s a similar artist or friend match. Promise!

What our members are saying:

* Getting a Jukely notification is like that feeling when your crush sends you a text. Except it knows me better.
* Jukely is the ONLY concert recommendation service that gets it right.
* YESSSSS! Just won a VIP table for the Peaches show from Jukely!!
* Without even asking, Jukely put me and a +1 on the guest list to see Oh Land tonight. Is it wrong to love an iPhone app?
* Major customer service shout out to Jukely today for their quick response and thorough attention to keeping customers happy. You guys rock!
* Jukely is the only app that I genuinely get excited to see a push notification.
* My process for deciding on concerts: 1) Are they good? 2) Can I get tickets on Jukely?
* Jukely, so you guys are pretty much amazing, I addicted!!
* If I were Oprah (WHICH I’M NOT), Jukely would be one of My Favorite Things.
* Really feeling the new push notifications on Jukely. They are well personalized and have lots of character.


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