Dog walking, training and sitting.

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Dog walking, training and sitting.

Worthee services

Scheduled dog walk – 16

Our bread & butter; just the right amount of love, attention and exercise (30 minutes)

4 walks or more per week: 14/walk
3 walks per week: 15/walk
2 walks or fewer per week: 16/walk

*Each additional dog: 3/walk
*Walks before 9am and after 7pm: add 5
*Weekend walks: add 5
*Holiday walks: add 10

We make it simple and easy. We bill you bi-weekly for walks your pup enjoyed the two weeks prior.

Unscheduled (on demand) dog walk – 25

Last minute appointment? We’ve got you covered (30 min).

Professional dog training – 70/hour

Our professional dog trainers use positive reinforcement training methods which helps you and your dog communicate more effectively. Worthee trainers understand that every dog is unique and comes with a different personality; all private in-home lessons are customized to the needs of you and your dog.

Does your pup need more than a few sessions?
In-home private dog training packages:
Three sessions: 200
Five sessions: 325
Ten sessions: 600

Overnight pet sitting – 55

One of our Worthee sitters provides all the care your pup would need, including three 20 minutes walks, feedings and spending the night in your home. Let your pup wake up feeling happy and rested in the comfort of your own home.
*Each additional dog: add 15/night
*Holidays: add 10/night

Hourly pet sitting – 20/hour

One of our Worthee pet sitters will come to your home and spend quality time with your pup. Walks and feedings are included with this service. Minimum of two hours required.
*Holidays: add 10/hour

In-home bathing

Let us pamper your pup in the comfort of your own home. One of our professional bathers visits your home and not only provides a good old-fashioned bath for your pup, but all the extra love and attention to make your pup feel safe and at ease during the bath. We use all natural and organic products that we know are safe for your pup’s skin. No more spending half the day dropping off, waiting and then picking up your dog from the groomer. Schedule a bath to be done while you are at work or away. Come home to a clean, refreshed and happy pup.

*Basic bath includes shampoo, condition, dry and body spray.

Shorthaired dogs

Small: 40
Medium: 60
Large: 70

Longhaired dogs

Small: 50
Medium: 70
Large: 80

Add on services

Ear cleaning: 5
Teeth brushing: 5
Blueberry Facial: 7
De-shedding: 10 (small), 15 (medium), 20 (large) (includes use of de-shedding shampoo/conditioner and the Furminator)

In-home puppy preparation

Professional puppy consultation: 99

Let our dog professionals guide you through the puppy basics! We will visit you and your pup in the comfort of your home and guide you through essential puppy information that includes:

*Crucial developmental periods that impact the social growth of your pup
*Tips on loose leash walking
*Pad & crate training
*Exercise recommendations specific to your pup’s breed
*Best tools to use for your pup: collar or harness
*Optimal puppy diet & nutrition
*Introduction to puppy vaccinations & timeline
*The do’s and don’ts of raising a puppy

Puppy plus: 199

Get your pup started off on the right paw. Basic obedience training and loose leash walking is essential to raising a pup that can grow into a well-rounded adult. From the moment you bring them home, they are taking cues (whether you realize it or not) that teach them how to behave inside and outside the home. Learn and teach your pup the basics of puppy etiquette.

Puppy plus includes:

*Professional puppy consultation
*Two in-home training sessions with our professional dog trainer (60 minutes each)


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