The Future of Self Storage.

Product Description

Clutter makes storage simple with an app that manages box pick-up, storage, and retrieval.

Los Angeles residents can use Clutter’s free iPhone app to have reusable storage boxes delivered right to their doorstep, photograph the items they are packing so they always know what they have in storage, and schedule their boxes to be picked up and securely stored by Clutter for $10/box per month. Boxes are delivered and picked up for free.

How It Works
1. We deliver boxes to your door—for Free!
(No charge for the boxes or the delivery.)

2. You pack the boxes and photograph the contents using our free iPhone app.

3. You schedule a pick-up, and we retrieve and securely store your boxes.

Why you’ll love using Clutter:
• Convenient
We come to you! No more lugging your stuff to a dusty self-storage facility.

• Photo Driven
The Clutter iPhone app lets you take photos of the things you’ve packed so that you always know what you have in storage.

• Secure Storage
Trusted Clutter employees pick-up and securely store your boxes. Our anti-tamper security stickers provide peace of mind that your boxes remain sealed and safe. Clutter insures against theft/loss/natural disasters/water damage.

Start Living A Simpler, More Organized Life


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